Sabemos lo que pone a las personas en riesgo de suicidio.

Alrededor de un 12 por ciento de los adolescentes estadounidenses afirman que han tenido pensamientos suicidas. Todos eran blancos. UU. A female walks along a road during weighty smog in the central Bosnian town of Zenica, 19 november, 2014. REUTERS/Dado RuvicResearchers examined pregnancy prices over nine years and a lot more than 6,600 IVF cycles at a Seoul fertility medical clinic and found decreased conception prices and increased being pregnant losses among ladies exposed to the greatest degrees of five types of polluting of the environment.Multiple genes had been altered pursuing axotomy. The experience for one of the genes, encoding a proteins called netrin-1, ended up being decreased sharply. A separate evaluation showed an identical drop in netrin-1 in affected neurons in rats whose axons from the mind to the spinal-cord had been trim. Together, these outcomes hinted that netrin-1’s lack might be a significant factor generating neuronal adjustments after axotomy. When Taylor and co-workers added netrin-1 to axotomized neurons to revive the protein on track levels – actually two full times after severing the axon – they discovered that the procedure quickly reversed every one of the dendritic backbone loss & most from the hyper-excitability.