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If not, maintain some leaves handy and chew up them after the bus or the electric motor car begins. This will prevent nausea. Ginger Tea Ginger tea is an excellent fix for nausea whilst travelling. It boosts digestion also. Also Go through: Foods TO CONSUME For Movement Sickness Cinnamon Boil some drinking water and put in a teaspoon of cinnamon natural powder to it. Put in a teaspoon of honey to it and beverage it. It could decrease the symptoms of movement sickness. Cloves Chew up a clove when you plank the bus. You can even drop a clove within a teaspoon of honey before nibbling it. This may prevent nausea. Cardamom Actually chewing a cardamom could make a whole lot of difference immediately when you have nausea whilst travelling.Ruth Itzhaki, a teacher emeritus of neuroscience and experimental mindset at the School of Manchester in Britain was also not really a area of the fresh research but was the initial researcher to indicate the possible function of HSV1 in Alzheimer’s, back 1991. Itzhaki told Live Research within an email that she still thinks HSV1 includes a stronger connect to Alzheimer’s, but that this infections could possibly be functioning jointly..